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Welcome to BON clinic


BON Chinese medicine (acupuncture) clinic based in Burwood East (located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne), was established with the aim of providing hands on health services that cover all kinds of diseases. As Dr. Kay Kim is a qualified and registered acupuncture and herbal medicine doctor with skilled experience, she seeks to provide quality care to the public, and this clinic is strongly committed to empower our clients to improve their own health through providing individualised clients’ care systems.


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Natural Healing System


Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is  one of the  natural therapeutic methods. Using single, sterilized fine needle acupuncture frees the energy flow and balances it out. The herbal medicine that contains multiple interactive ingredients are not artificial but are naturally occurring unlike many western medicines. Those two main modalities in TCM are working together to ensure the harmony in the body and to restore innate natural healing power.

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Services we offer


We  offer comprehensive and integrated health services. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can benefit a range of health condition because TCM approaches in holistic way. Every individual has different body types and constitution. Even though two people have the same health problem, the root cause may be different due to constitutional variation, life style, external influences,etc. Identify your rooted health problem, and learn how to make better choice for your health.

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